Compassion, Generosity and Scholarship
A.B., Th.B., M. A., S.T.M., S.T.D.
Dr. W. Noble King
1949 - 1964
Was considered one of the greatest holiness theologians of his day.
Born in Scotland, Dr. King moved to Canada and then to the USA. He earned two bachelors degrees from Pasadena college; a masters degree from the University of  Southern California; a masters degree in systematic theology from the Pacific School of Religion and a doctorate degree in Systematic Theology from the Metropolitan University, Los Angeles.

He taught at Canadian Nazarene College for eight years, and 16 years at Bethany Nazarene College (BNC), now Southern Nazarene University (SNU), in Bethany, Oklahoma.  He was a well respected scholar by his peers and a favorite chapel speaker among students.  A skilled financial manager and wise investor, money he earned in the stock market was given as a gift to the University to endow the W.N. King Chair of Theology at SNU.

(Compiled from 1964 BNC year book and May 1999 Southern Light )
The Works of  Dr. King
Apocalyptic Literature
Calvinism and Arminianism Defined, Considered, and Compared
Class Notes on the Gospel of John
Impeccability of  Christ
Pentecost and Related Events
The Problem of Authority
The Gospels
Systematic Theology
Symbolism with Regard to Sacrifices, and the Priesthood
The Central Doctrine of the Church of the Nazarene Examined; or the Matter of Eradication Considered
The Self-Grasp and Descensus of Jesus The Christ
Redemptive Works of Grace: Instantaneous and Progressive
Dispensationalism and Eschatology
The Mosaic Offerings Considered in Relation to Pauline Theology
Christian Theology
Eternity and The Trinity
The Pentateuch
Poetic and Wisdom Literature
Revised Standard Version Considered
Bible and Life Old Testament
Bible and Life New Testament
The Eternal Efficacy of The Cross
Theology of Holiness
The Epistle to the Hebrews
Pauline Epistles
Nazarene Doctrine
Old Testament Prophets First Semester
Old Testament Prophets Second Semester
The Life and Teachings of Jesus
The Book of Acts
The World's Living Religions
Sermons of Dr. King
The Seven Last Words of Christ
The Striving Spirit and the Knocking Christ
Jesusí High  Priestly Prayer
Scriptural Evidences of the Baptism with The Holy Spirit
How this Site Came about

On June 29, 1975 in Pinticton, British Columbia, Canada John Ross visited with Dr. King. He was greeted with, "Hello, Brother Ross". At that time, Dr. King said he didn't want to answer anymore student type questions. Instead, he thought he would publish his notes. He died before he could do that, but John Ross never forgot about the unpublished works of Dr. King.

In August of 1988, John saw Jim Cummins at BNC. John's daughter and Jim's son were enrolling as freshmen. Jim gave John copies of some of Dr. King's notes. John made additional copies, compiled them with copies of notes he had taken in some of Dr. King's classes and gave them to several "college days" friends. Since that time several of us have been interested in getting a complete set, if possible, and have them published as Dr. King wanted to do.

For more than three years John Ross and John Briscoe have been in the process of gathering these notes from Dr. King's students and friends and getting them on electronic media for publishing on the WWW. The greek texts and some charts are still being converted to electronic media and will be included when ready. We have not personally proof read all the text, but we have had professional typists, students, and volunteers to type, scan and edit for us. If you find any editing errors, please contact:

John Ross or John Briscoe
Comments About Dr. King

Dr. Donald Metz: Dr. King nearly fainted when preaching the sermon on "Lowing of Oxen and Bleating of Sheep."

Dr. Carl Summer: When King preached the sermon on "Lowing of Oxen and Bleating of Sheep," I thought he was going to push the pulpit off the platform.

Bernie Dawson: "Lowing of Oxen and Bleating of Sheep," "Samuel and Saul & Agag" were  powerful Sermons.

John Ross:  I heard him preach powerful sermons on Adonizedec - Joshua 10:1-22 and Daniel and Belshazzar.

Dr. Curtis Smith: Every liberal arts Bible college needs a professor like Dr. King, who brings a uniqueness, a perspective, and stability to the student body. I'd hire one like him at Mid America.

Dr. J. Prescott Johnson: Dr. King was a remarkable man.  He was acutely intelligent.  He was also passionately committed to Christian grace and truth.  He was the friend of all who knew him, magnanimous in spirit, charitable to those whom he touched.  In his life of teaching, he gave freely of his thought and feeling, and contributed immeasurably to the generations of students who came under his wholesome influence.  He was, indeed, a scholar and a saint.  We are indebted to him and to the God who gave him to us.  Although he is no longer with us, his memory abides within our hearts, to strengthen our own continuing days.

Click here for the full text of Dr. Johnson's Remembrance of Dr. King.

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